1. Register Products

You must set up your business profile and register your brands before you can add or register your products on GOLD.

•    Click on My Products in the User Center once you are signed in.
•    On the Add My Product page, select Brand & Category, enter Product Name, Price, Item Number. Upload product image and write a short description.
•    Click Save.

2. Register Events

You must set up your business profile, register your brands and products before you can add or register your business events.

•    Click on My Events in the User Center once you are signed in.
•    On the Add My Event page, select the business running the event.
•    Enter Event Name, Select Product, Select Event Type and Unit Price.
•    If the event is online, provide the Event URL; or offline, give the Event Location.
•    Select the Start Date and End Date of the said event.
•    Upload an event image file and write a brief Description about the event.
•    Click Save.

To add more events to your list, click on My Events and then click on Add My Event. Click on Edit or Delete to edit or delete the registered event.

3. Create Offers For Products or Events

GOLD is a business social media site amd a platform for affiliate marketing.

Advertisers want to promote their products or events and generate traffics and sales for their websites. Affiliates want to earn commissions by sharing advertising campaigns on their websites, blogs or social media sites. Gold's Affiliate Program acts as a single contact point and trusted source for advertisers and affiliates so that they will have access to unlimited advertising campaigns or unlimited number of affiliates without having to deal with every single sponsor or marketer.

Click on Create Offer at the bottom of Add Product or Add Event page.

•    Enter Offer Name.
•    Provide Offer URL.
•    Select Offer Type.
•    Write Offer Details.
•    Give Offer Percentage.
•    Specify Target Location for you offer.
•    Click Save.

To create offers for already registered products or events, click on Products or Events in the User Center. Select the product or event in the list, click Edit, follow the steps above to Create Offer.

For more information, please check the section on "GS & Affiliate Marketing".