1. To Access User Center

Sign in to your GOLD account. If you are already signed in, click on My Profile at the top of the screen and that take you back to the User Center.

2. About User Center

The User Center is where you can view, edit or add information. Here you can:

•    Set up or update your business profile
•    Add or edit business certifications
•    Add or edit business locations
•    Provide business references
•    Add or edit your brands, products and events
•    Create offers for affiliate marketers
•    Set up target areas on the maps for brand marketing and business expansion
•    Send messages, locate and establish business connections
•    • Invite your social contacts or business partners, share our links on social media sites, and more

3. Business Information

Users will see the following information:

A.      Your business profile
•    Company name
•    Year established
•    Company type
•    Business type
•    Business subtype
•    Business role
•    Company size
•    Capital
•    Business scope
•    Description
B.      Products, Events and Affiliate Offers
C.      Certifications

Users will not be able to see the following information:

A.      Your business references, including both your suppliers and customers
B.      Contact information
•    Address
•    Telephone and fax numbers
•    Contact name and title
•    Email address
•    Website
•    Branch info
C.      Number of locations