1. To Conduct A Search on GOLD's Platform

Enter the key words or phrases in the Search Box and click Search. The search results list will display all the businesses or products that match your search terms.

2. Find Your Target Business, Products and Events

On the search results page, the businesses that match your search are listed on the left and on the right the G-icons of businesses with valid street addresses are displayed on the maps.

Click on a business that interests you, the business banner with their information pops up on the map.

3. View Profiles, Brands, Products, Marketing Offers & More

Click the business banner, you will be directed to the business profile page where more information is available. You can:

•    View the business' internal or external business roles in the company and in the industry;
•    View the Brands, Products or Events the business owns or carries;
•    Check if the business has any Offers for GS marketers;
•    View the Certifications that the business has.

4. My Business is Not Found on GOLD

•    Your business info is not entered correctly, including street address, city, state, country and zip code.
•    Your business is further down on the search result list. Try browsing down the list.
•    Your business has not be added or has not registered yet. Register your business now and gain free publicity for your business.