1. What is GoldenLink+?

Golden Link Plus or GoldenLink+ (also known as GOLD), is an online business social media platform with exciting social media marketing features, where businesses and marketers gather for marketing purposes.

GOLD provides core business information, integrated with map search and displayed through business profile pages, that helps users locate and initiate new business connections.

GOLD offers business owners a great opportunity to increase public awareness of their business and brands and to build business connections in a simple and cost-effective manner. An account on GOLD gives your business added free publicity.

GOLD is the most exciting NEW online social media site made exclusively for business.

•    Connect with professional GS marketers.
•    Connect with new partners to help you grow your market shares.
•    Offer your products and services to new marketplaces and new sales channels.

GOLD is a Next-Gen affiliate marketing and business social media platform.

GOLD plays an important role injecting new life into your marketing strategies for more traffic, referrals and sales.

2. GOLD: Social media Marketing Platform for Businesses and Marketers

Businesses are investors on GOLD Business Social Media site.

Gold Strikers, referred to as GS, are social media marketers promoting products & service.

3. GOLD Connects Businesses and GS Marketers

GOLD is an online business social media that connects businesses and GS marketers. Businesses and GS marketers register accounts on GOLD and have opportunities to make connections with each other.

Businesses create, on the business profile page, making offers to promote their products or service. GS Affiliates compare the offers available and choose the favorite offers according to the market influences and marketing channels that the GS marketers have. The GS Affiliates can be full-time professional marketer as well as part-time amateurs.

GOLD welcomes anyone to join our social media marketing Program, who, if time permits, likes surfing the internet and making money through SMM Program and who are honest and willing to accept our Terms and Agreement.

4. GOLD: Business Information

Businesses create a profile, displaying:

•    Company type
•    External business role in the industry, their position in the vertical business structure
•    Internal business chain or business structure
•    Brands and products owned or promoted
•    Business events, including promotions for various types of products
•    Business certifications
•    Areas, markets and modes of expansion, for growing chain stores, franchisees as well as international or regional dealerships or distribution centers
•    Business organizational structure, part of corporate group or independent, parent or subsidiary within a corporate group
•    Marketing channels: upstream, downstream or horizontal marketing channels
•    Ads & promotions for products
•    Payouts to GS marketers