1. GS Marketer on GOLD

GS marketer, known as GS, is a marketer who signs up an account on GOLD to promote products and services for businesses.

2. GOLD Connects Businesses & GS Marketers

GOLD is an online business social media that connects businesses and GS marketers. Businesses and GS marketers register accounts on GOLD and have opportunities to make connections with each other.

Businesses create offers on the business profile pages to promote their products and services. GS marketers compare the offers available and choose the favorite offers according to the market influences and marketing channels that the marketers have. The GS marketers can be full-time professional marketers as well as part-time amateurs.

GOLD welcomes anyone to join our GS Marketer Program, who, if time permits, likes surfing the internet and making money through GS Marketer Program and who is honest and willing to accept GOLD's Terms and Agreement.

3. Sign Up as a GS Marketer

Follow the steps below to sign up:

•    Click Sign Up on GOLD's home page.
•    Select Sign Up As GS Marketer.
•    Enter your email address.
•    Select a password and confirm it.
•    Enter CAPTCHA or image-based verification code.
•    Click Register. A verifying email will be sent to your email account.
•    Click GO and sign into your email account.
•    Locate the verifying email from GOLD and click the activation link.
•    Once verified, click User Center to set up your GS profile.

Congratulations on becoming a GS marketer! As a GS marketer, you can devote your full time promoting GOLD's website and its products to businesses or do it in your spare time.

4. GS Profile & Information

The User Center is where you can view, edit or add information to your GS profile after you sign in. Here you can:

•    Set up your GS profile if you are a newbie.
•    Edit and improve your existing GS profile.
•    View your customer list.
•    View your GS commissions.
•    Invite businesses to register a GOLD account, promote their products & services.

None of the information in GS's User Center will be viewed by other GOLD members except for the GOLD's administrators or supervisors that handle your GS account.

5. Reset Password

Please take the following steps to reset or change your password:

•    Click on the Sign In tab.
•    Locate ”Forgot your password? Click here”.
•    Type your email address. A message will be sent to that email address.
•    Click the link in the email to reset your password.
•    Once you have reset your password, sign in with your email address and new password.

6. How Do GS Marketers Earn Commissions on GOLD?

GOLD sets up a tracking system to track or manage marketing activities for businesses and GS marketers.

GS marketers share the offer links created by businesses, on such high-traffic websites as social media, personal, e-commerce, or cash rebate sites. When visitors click the offer links, our tracking system will start tracking and recording conversions of the clicks. As a sale or any required action is completed, the results will be recorded on Gold's tracking system and notifications will be sent to both the businesses and the GS marketers and commissions will be credited to GS marketer account on GOLD in a timely manner.

7. GS Membership

There are two kinds of GS marketers on Gold: Regular and Premium Marketers. While Regular Marketers earns 100% commission by promoting offers via exclusive links and converting them into sales, Premium Marketers enjoy more value-added benefits.

8. Premium Marketers & Value-Added Benefits

Pay a one-time $15 fee to become a Premium Marketer and get the great value-added benefits (The promotion is good for this week only).

As a Premium Marketer on GOLD:

•    Earn 100% direct commissions on offers provided by the advertisers when offers are successfully converted in to sales (commissions from GS direct promotions are direct commissions).
•    Earn 3% indirect commissions from referred businesses or other marketers:
          A.    Refer a business and become the exclusive agent for the business on GOLD. Earn 3% indirect commissions on offers submitted on GOLD by the referred business when these offers are successfully converted into sales.
          B.    Refer a GS marketer. Any GS marketer referred by you will become your referral. Earn 3% indirect commissions from your referrals each time they successfully convert any offers on GOLD.
          C.    Both rewards are non overlapping. Reward A shall have the precedence over Reward B should any overlapping occurs.

9. To Qualify as a Premium Marketer

GOLD reserves the right of final explanation concerning promotional prices and its guiding rules.

Maintaining an active presence for Premium Marketers on GOLD:

•    Refer a new business or a GS marketer a month and at least 20 referred businesses or GS marketers (at least 5 business members) register accounts on GOLD a year.
•    There must be at least one successful offer conversion after three months and thereafter convert at least one offer into sales a month and achieve a total of 12 such conversions in a year.
•    Premium Marketers have the right, upon the approval by GOLD, to transfer or auction his or her account to other marketers. Premium Marketers may petition for account transfers one year after the enrollment and such a petition must be approved by GOLD. Non-active accounts cannot be transferred or auctioned.
•    Non-Active Accounts: Premium Marketers may pay $10/month to keep their accounts active.
•    Premium Accounts may be downgraded to Regular Accounts if Premium Account holders fail to meet the quotas in any given month or period of time.
•    Other requirements: Premium Marketers agree to abide by the GOLD terms and conditions; not to violate any laws and regulations; not to solicit GOLD's businesses or marketers for his or her own benefit or for the benefit of a competitor; not to promote any products, brands or services that are not related to GOLD. GOLD reserve the right to terminate or cancel the Premium Marketers' accounts should such violations occur.

10. Requirements for Indirect Sales Commissions

After GS account has been approved, the GS Premium Marketer must meet the following requirements in order to receive indirect sales commissions.

•    In each year. the GS Premium Marketer must grow twelve (12) business accounts (one business account for each month) and in each year at least six of these business accounts are active advertisers on GOLD.
•    In the first year, the GS Premium Marketer must make a minimum amount of sales in each month.
•    In the second year, the GS Premium Marketer must make the required amount of sales that result in a $500 or more commissions in each month.
•    In the third year and afterwards, the GS Premium Marketer must make the required amount of sales that result in a $1,000 or more commissions in each month.
•    If, for any reason, the GS Premium Marketer does not make the required amount of sales in any one month, they will not be eligible to receive any indirect sales commissions.
•    If, for any reason, the GS Premium Marketer fails to make the required amount of sales in three consecutive months, they will be deemed to automatically abandon the indirect commission program and ineligible to receive any future indirect sales commissions.

11. What Are Indirect Sales Commissions

A business is referred to GOLD's Marketing Program by a GS marketer. Other GS marketers can also share and promote the referred businesses' products and earns commissions from the sales.

As a result of such sales from other GS marketers, indirect sales commissions are the commissions provided by GOLD to the original referring GS marketer as a reward. The indirect commission rate varies depending on when GS marketer registers with GOLD.

12. Ads & Offer Payouts

There are basically two ways for businesses to advertise on GOLD:

•    Registered businesses create offers via GOLD's Marketing Program and provide links for GS Marketers to share, mostly in CPS (Cost-Per-Sales) marketing campaigns.
•    For registered businesses GOLD provides fee-based branding & marketing services, including landing page designs, advertising modes, marketing contents & channels as well as the execution of the ads.

For the first advertising mode, the minimum offer payout(commission) rate provided by businesses to GS Marketers will be six (6) percent of the product's retail price and no upper limit is set. GOLD will convert commission percentage into dollar amounts for operational purposes.

For the second advertising mode, the management fees varies because of differences in branding and marketing costs, in sales packages as well as in marketing channels. The management fees will be determined through negotiations between GOLD and advertisers.

13. What is the Minimum Offer Price and GOLD's Management Fee?

Currently, GOLD sets the offer value or commission to be at a minimum of 6% of the product's retail price. GOLD sets no limits as to the maximum offer value. To better understand and operate, GOLD converts the offer value rate into a real dollar amount.

The management fee for GOLD will be an additional twenty (20) percent of the offer payout (commission) to Gold Striker. For example, if the payout amount to the GS affiliate is $10, the management fee will be $2.00 (20% of $10) in addition.

Use of management fees: For example, 20% of the management fees will be spent on project development and personnel, 10% for indirect commission payouts as well as commissions for GOLD's marketing staff who are in charge of GOLD's GS market expansions.

14.Advertising Payment Terms, Commission Payout Terms & Other Conditions

•    GOLD will bill advertisers via emails, before the product launch online, to make a deposit with GOLD to protect against any potential product returns by end-users or any delayed payments by advertisers.
•    Payment by advertisers is due upon receipt of invoice.
•    Commission payout terms: Initial payment will be made on a monthly basis. On the fifteenth of the calendar month, GS marketers will receive payments electronically for commissions on completed sales within the previous month, less any returns. Once a GS marketer has received his/her first payment from GOLD, he/she will be automatically placed on a semi-monthly payment schedule. That is, GS marketers are paid two times a month, on the 15th and the last day of the month. GOLD requires a balance of $100 before a payment is issued. If the balance is below $100, the commission will roll over to the subsequent payment period until the balance reaches $100.
•    Offer refund policy - No offers will be refunded to any business if their products are returned by customer after an agreed period of time, usually in 30 days.

15. Requirements for Businesses to Register Accounts on GOLD

•    Wish to expand in the US market.
•    Have their own websites and the landing pages designed for promotional purposes.
•    Have their own warehouses in the US.
•    Have a store in one or more online platforms. Approval is required from such online platform and the platform is willing to participate in our marketing program.
•    Agree and accept GOLD's payment terms, deposit policy and GOLD's marketing contracts.

16. Rules for Businesses and GS Marketers to Follow

Businesses cannot take away the tracking codes embed in their websites.

GS marketers cannot take businesses' offers to any other marketing networks other than those designated by GOLD.

GOLD reserves the right to take any legal actions against any such violations.

17. Rewards for Reporting Frauds or Violations

GOLD will reward those who report frauds or violations against GOLD's terms and policies.