Sign Up As A GS Premium Marketer And Receive Value-Added benefits.

Pay a one-time $15 fee to become a Premium Marketer and get the unprecedented value-added benefits (The promotion is good for this week only).

Receive value-added benefits as a Premium Marketer on GOLD

•    Earn 100% direct commissions on offers provided by the advertisers when offers are successfully converted in to sales (commissions from GS direct promotions are direct commissions).

•    Earn 3% indirect commissions from referred businesses or other marketers:

          A.    Refer a business and become the exclusive agent for the business on GOLD. Earn 3% indirect commissions on offers submitted on GOLD by the referred business when these offers are successfully converted into sales.

          B.    Refer a GS marketer. Any GS marketer referred by you will become your referral. Earn 3% indirect commissions from your referrals each time they successfully convert any offers on GOLD.

          C.    Both rewards are non overlapping. Reward A shall have the precedence over Reward B should any overlapping occurs.

To Qualify as a Premium Marketer

GOLD reserves the right of final explanation concerning promotional prices and its guiding rules.

Maintaining an active presence for Premium Marketers on GOLD:

•    Refer a new business or a GS marketer a month and at least 20 referred businesses or GS marketers (at least 5 business members) register accounts on GOLD a year.

•    There must be at least one successful offer conversion after three months and thereafter convert at least one offer into sales a month and achieve a total of 12 such conversions in a year.

•    Premium Marketers have the right, upon the approval by GOLD, to transfer or auction his or her account to other marketers. Premium Marketers may petition for account transfers one year after the enrollment and such a petition must be approved by GOLD. Non-active accounts cannot be transferred or auctioned.

•    Non-Active Accounts: Premium Marketers may pay $10/month to keep their accounts active.

•    Premium Accounts may be downgraded to Regular Accounts if Premium Account holders fail to meet the quotas in any given month or period of time.

•    Other requirements: Premium Marketers agree to abide by the GOLD terms and conditions; not to violate any laws and regulations; not to solicit GOLD's businesses or marketers for his or her own benefit or for the benefit of a competitor; not to promote any products, brands or services that are not related to GOLD. GOLD reserve the right to terminate or cancel the Premium Marketers' accounts should such violations occur.


•    Highlight 1: Any GOLD's registered business can set up times, regions, niches, channels and ads types for its promotion offers according to its own needs. Business can then screen and select GS marketers to join at a given target time in a massive and concerted effort to "explode the market". GS marketers will be directed to "explode the market" wherever and whenever there is a need by the business.

•    Highlight 2: To create as many as possible billion-dollar businesses and million-dollar GS marketers as well as the aggregate center for all web traffics. GS marketers will be directed by businesses to "explode the market" in a massive and concerted effort wherever and whenever there is such a need. Through the long-term market integration and tempering, businesses and marketers will gradually grow. In the end, both strive to achieve daily100 regional “market bombing” conversions, 1,000 national “market bombing” conversions ,and 10,000 global “market bombing” conversions. In this way, as a general agent of merchants, the opportunity for the GS marketer to become a millionaire is just around the corner, as well as for businesses to become billion-dollar companies.

•    GOLD provides 3% commission as a strategy to increase marketers' stickiness. Once the marketers attain the status as the general agent for the business, they will be able to maximize their promotion effects. In the meanwhile, such a commission system will be able to guide the marketers and prevent them from violating any rules or regulations, from soliciting registered businesses on GOLD for their own benefit, or for the benefit of any competitors.