1. FreeMember

1) Nomonthly fees

2) Setup and upload ad promotion links at any time

3) Customizetraffic promotion plans & pay for all marketing expenses incurred

4) 6-monthmembership free on Gold5G Mall

2. PremiumMember

1) Annualmembership fee paid monthly: $300 first month, $200 per month afterwards;9-month membership free on Gold5G Mall

2) Annualmembership fee paid at one time: $2,000 (after the $500 discount); 12-monthmembership free on Gold5G Mall

3) Allfees are for traffic operations: G-Coin rewards, pay for clicks on ads &commiissions

4) Submitunlimited offers. Recharge if necessary if marketing expenses run out.

To WithdrawFunds

Premium MemberWhen there ar sufficient funds inthe account (ie, $100 or more), they will be credited to your account within 15business days.

Basic Member Fifteen days after the productsare received by customers when products or services are sold, funds will becredited to your account.