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    Gold is a worldwide platform. You can use it to form B2B2C partnerships all over the world. By using Gold, you may be able to find new distribution territories that you may not already be in and start moving a lot more products and services. You may also find better wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers to optimize your business. Whatever kind of company you have, start making multi-billion dollar deals by finding the right companies to partner with.

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    Did you know that Gold has recently formed partnerships with some of the biggest distributors in China? These distributors are ready to distribute your products and services to over 1.4 billion people in China. Sell your products and services to our Chinese distributors today and blow your company up overnight. Just 1 distributor can place over 1 million dollars in new orders. CLICK HERE to start selling your products/services to our distributors in China.

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    Did you know that on Gold, if you're a retailer buying products at high prices you may be able to find even cheaper wholesalers to buy from?

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    Did you know that on Gold you can easily see business headquarter information and contact them directly to make deals? You can work directly with the decisions makers instead of the branch office who may give you the run around.

Business Deals

Start making business deals & explode your business.

  • Business Deals

    When your business partners with other businesses, both businesses win. Whether it is a
    multi-billion dollar buy-out or coming together to purchase inventory in large quantities to
    get deep discounts, businesses partnerships can transform your company overnight.
    Gold has the largest database of businesses that are excited to be making business deals. Get
    listed and start making business deals to lower your cost, distribute your products world
    wide, buy out smaller businesses, create television ads together,etc. The deals are endless.
    Get listed and start finding ways to optimize your business.
  • Product Search

    By adding your products to Gold, all of your potential distributors,manufacturers, wholesalers,
    and retailers will be able to see what you're selling and corporations large and small will be
    able to partner with you. One large corporation can place over $1 million dollars in new orders
    and distribute your product and service worldwide. And $1 million is just us being humble,some
    companies order much larger quantities because they have larger distribution. Your company can
    explode overnight.

    Get your product all over the world today with Gold.
  • Event Search

    If you're attending an event, tell the world where you will be. Gold is your business platform and
    contains your profile. Tell the rest of the world everything that is happening with your business.
    Update the public with any event that you will be hosting or even just attending so your potential
    partners can come to meet you in person.


Today, most people are concerned about the quality of the products they buy for themselves and their families. Get listed on Gold and show the world that you're a company they can trust. Just like any other social media site, Gold can really help brand your company. Add compete details of your product and service and show the world that you're a legitimate company. Your website will also gain valuable backlinks for your search engine optimization efforts by adding your company to Gold.


Brand marketers can add value to their brands by joining Gold and gaining new distribution channels all over the world.


Gold is made to be used as a business tool to optimize your business in every way. Use it to find wholesalers to lower your cost on goods purchased, to find distributors to distribute your product all over the world, to find retailers to carry your products locally, and to talk to form clubs and talk to industry leaders and get answers to all your questions.


Promote your product to business all around the world by getting onto the Top 10 results on Gold.

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