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  • Connect you with new partners

  • Promote your products and services

  • Provide laser target social media traffic

  • Promote CPC, CPM ,CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI

What we offer?

Web design, development
& deployment

We support all device types:
desktop, mobile, tablet

Provide the best Internet solution

We are the leader in
affiliate marketing


GoldenLink+ encourage businesses big or small to join Gold proprietary technology platform. Consolidate all your marketing initiatives from a one single platform, connect and engage with marketers and affiliates to promote your business or products.? Take advantage of our in-house media buying, design, and development team. Leverage what works most and increase your revenue.

Gold Strikers

Gold Striker GS is an affiliate program that we designed for businesses. If you are a marketer or affiliate, no matter how you influence on social media, news and email marketing, traffic source, whether you bring high volume traffic.You are the one we pick. Refer business to Gold, you'll make a fortune! The pay system we designed can make your get a competitive commission percentage of the business you refer to Gold from the amount of the business offered to GS affiliates.

Stimulate Revenue Growth With GS & Affiliate Marketing

Everybody knows direct sales lead to direct commissions. Have you ever heard of indirect sales that turn into direct commissions? Imagine thousands of indirect commissions paying you daily on the road to becoming a millionaire! This is the power of the Gold Striker Affiliate Program.


As a GS (Gold Striker),you will receive a lucrative opportunity to earn a direct commission each time you share a link that generates a sale.

Besides, you can also earn indirect sales commissions when other GS share links created by your referred which convert to completed sales.

Businesses are gold mines and GS are prospectors in our amazing Affiliate Program. Offers are limited and so is time! Don't let this one pass you by. Work hard, dig hard and get paid in rock hard gold.

Please check FAQs for details. Beat the rush and achieve great success with GS!

Hurry! The sky is the limit, but this special offer is only good when you:

Sign up as GS before
December 31, 2017
Be one of the first 5,000
to enroll in the GS Program
Be one of the first to refer 10,000
Businesses to use the GOLD Platform


Branding is how your company's public image can remain forever young. GOLD's professional team of brand strategists will help grow your brand from startup into an industry superstar. We will build your visibility, establish your influence and help you achieve authority to persuade hearts and minds of new customers. With GOLD, your industry leadership will be the single most valuable asset of your brand's longevity.

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