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About us

Golden Link Plus is a revolutionary social media marketing platform where businesses and marketers join forces to earn big profits from promoting products and services.

GOLD is global with business and marketer’s connections in the U.S., China and many other countries.

The GOLD platform consists of:

  • an intelligent business matching system that anticipates the needs of consumers and businesses while performing target Business Searches;
  • an intuitive interface that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to match searches with a wide variety of exciting products and services;
  • a group of qualified and validated businesses offering valuable products and services with built-in incentives - the GS marketer's pay out system;
  • a proprietary traffic generation, conversion tracking and analytics system to provide thought-enhancing insights into the platform and user trends.

What we do?

  • Business matching system
  • Social media marketing
  • Business promotion channel quantifier
  • Traffic & conversion tracking platform
  • Instant message, rate, & review

What we offer?

  • Self-marketing service
  • Performance marketing
  • Paid ads on all online channels
  • We promote CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI, CPC,